20 Nov 2008

Yasuni Green Gold as part of the resist network

The actions and resistance of those in the Yasuni region have been recognised by the *Resist* movement, a movement connected with a new film by Gael García Bernal.

*Resist* is a quest for people whose actions are shifting our perspectives on the world, a search for people who are inspiring new ways of thinking, acting and being, who are instigating change from below.

Economic Apartheid is the dominant system. Instability is the new norm. Walls are built from within suburbia and across borders, to protect those who can afford to protect themselves, and to keep the displaced and the poor away. The 21st century is not looking healthy.

*Resist* explores the moment when people declare “there is a limit”. And after resistance, what comes next?

*Resist* is a way of looking at the world, a story which transforms the way you see yourself, your path in life and your own strength. It is a search for profound authentic freedom.

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