18 Nov 2008

The Yasuní Green Gold campaign is looking for an extra brain!

Interested in doing a fundraising and marketing internship with the campaign?

Job Description
We need someone to:

> Research into funding opportunities:grant making trusts, statutory and other funders.
> Compile and draft information for applications.
> Keep records of potential funders and application made.
> Help to promote Yasuni Green Gold products (on and off line)
> Liaise with suppliers, trade partners and Yasuni Green Gold european offices/partners to ensure that the Yasuni shop runs as efficiently as possible and is widely known
> Manage customers and supporter enquiries effectively
> Liaise with active supporters and co-oordinators to manage sales and other fundraising activities.
> Help develop new products.

Just as a reminder Yasuni Green Gold is:

a grassroots campaign which works in partnership with local and
indigenous leaders of the Ecuadorian Amazon to fight for their human
and environmental rights.The Yasuní support network of people and
organisations is growing day by day: We work closely with The local
government of Orellana (Ecuador) and New Internationalist in UK. We
have presence in 3 countries: Spain, Belgium and UK, but we are
developing partnership with organisations all over the world.
We think that Yasuní National Park is unique, we believe that human
life has no price and that a solution for the Yasuní could become a
model for other developing countries across the world, a way for
countries to be able to preserve their cultural and environmental
treasures without having to sacrifice economic development. And
importantly it could lead to way in the fight against climate change.
For more information please see www.yasunigreengold.org

Personal Specification
We need you to:

> Have excellent communication skills, both oral and written
> Be well organised, with an ability to plan and prioritise
> Enjoy being part of the team, but also able to work alone
> Able to cope with pressure and be happy to work out of hours in very busy periods
> Have a genuine interest in Yasuni Green Gold work and support for our aims.
> Previous experience desirable but not essential.

Terms and Conditions

> Hours of work: Flexible
> Location: London, Hammersmith
> Internship (Unpaid)

If you reckon you can both fulfill and enjoy fulfilling this role to a
high standard and wish to apply, please email your CV and a cover
letter to: info@yasunigreengold.org

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