4 Dec 2008

Good review in Library Journal in the US - the biggest library magazine!

Good news for the Yasuni Green Gold Book!. We get a good review in Library Journal in the US - the biggest library magazine. Hope that this help to spread the Yasuni word... Thanks a lot to all the people and organisations that makes Yasuni Green Gold Campaign real.

¨This book was written and published to help save Yasuní National Park in Ecuador's Amazon Basin from oil development. Currently, there is an intense struggle taking place between those trying to protect this unique rain forest and the corporations desiring to exploit its low-quality but abundant oil reserves. Yasuní, with more than two million acres, is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and home to three different indigenous peoples who live harmoniously and sustainably with their environment. Most of the book depicts the astounding biological and cultural diversity of the region through remarkable, full-color photographs. It also illustrates the devastation and pollution caused by oil development. Although the Ecuadorian government has protected this region in the past, it is now willing to suspend oil development only if the "international community" compensates Ecuador for its loss of oil revenue. While commending the government's desire to preserve the park, the Yasuní Green Gold campaign focuses on the need to save the region regardless of compensation. With its wonderful photographs and passionate writing, this inexpensive coffee-table book would be an excellent addition to both public and academic libraries, especially those with natural history or environmental collections.

—Ilse Heidmann, Washington State Lib., Olympia

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