18 Jan 2009

More time to Yasuni¡

Good news - another 6 months has been given to get support for the proposal, until July 2009.

On the 12th of January, only a few days after the minister for oil and
mining announced that the ITT block was now open for bids, the
Ecuadorian government seemed to have a change of heart. Instead a
further 6 months (until the July 2009) was given to the proposal to
not exploit the oil under the heart of the Yasuni in return for
international compensation.

Minister Falconí, who announced this development, said that the
Yasuni-ITT Initiative is a breaking point in the history of Ecuador
and is a symbol of the government of the Civic Revolution.

Reason for this extension seems to be due to heavy support form the
German and Norwegian governments and interest from the European
Parliament, organizations like the IDB and the World Bank and various
organizations of civil society.

However others believe that with national elections coming up in
Ecuador, this is simply a way for Correa to keep the votes of those
eager to protect the Yasuní.

Either way, the interest shown by the international community has
meant that it is now not possible to drop the proposal without
consequence. It is important that we take advantage of this and keep
pushing for a fairer proposal.

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You can read here some of the reactions about the "Yasuni Green Gold" book in Ecuador

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