3 Sep 2008

Presentation publish in September´s New Internationalist magazine

Hey! This is Georgie and Ginés, we co-ordinate Yasuní Green Gold, an international campaign created with the support of the local government and people of Orellana, in the Yasuní region.

The local people and leaders, exhausted by fighting daily for their rights and usually getting nowhere, decided to reach out to the international community as a way to get their voices heard. Yasuní Green Gold was entrusted to carry their voices to your ears and their struggles to your attention.

We got involved with the Yasuní when Ginés went to work with the local government of Orellana for a year, collaborating with local people to help them define their needs and priorities. In the summer of 2007 Georgie also joined Ginés for a few months working with these local projects.

It was while we were living in Coca that we jointly decided, with the local leaders and people, to use photographs taken for the promotional purposes of the local government as a means of introducing more people to the area and issues.

We wanted to show how much more there was to the region than just oil – to focus instead on its unique biological importance and the incredible people that live there. To then develop an international movement of people (yes that means you!) and organisations who also believe that Yasuní is Green Gold and who want to support the local government and people of the Yasuní in making sure it remains untouched.

We are sure that as people learn of its beauty and its troubles they will be inspired, just as we were, to help save it. If we act together and create a united front we can achieve our goals and save the Yasuní and its people now and for the future. The Yasuní and its people’s lives have no price, the oil must not be exploited.

Will you join us?

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