30 Aug 2008

Yasuni: Rain Forest Tribesmen Just Want to Be Left Alone

To know more about the non contact tribus in Yasuni and whats going on there.

Postcard from Yasuni
Rain Forest Tribesmen Just Want to Be
Left Alone
Wednesday, Jun. 18, 2008 By STEFAN KUFFNER

Nine ironwood spears protruded from the lifeless body of Luis Castellanos when it was found in March, near a jungle road. Castellanos, 37, was the third poacher of rare woods murdered in this remote patch of eastern Ecuador since 2005. And the prime suspects in the killings, say officials, are the ferocious warriors of the Tagaeri and Taromenani tribes — primitive and virtually unknown groups who cling to their Stone Age lifestyles deep in the Amazon rain forest, and appear determined to remain "uncontacted" by modern civilization.....

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